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MyDate Pro | More as only a dating website  255
MyDate Pro | More as only a dating website  256
MyDate Pro | More as only a dating website  257
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MyDate Pro | More as only a dating website  259

MyDate is based on 16+ years of personal experience with the country, the culture, and the loving women from Thailand. We, the MyDate team, would like to pass this experience on to anyone who has played with the idea of getting to know an Thai woman or maybe has the intention to getting married with a Thai woman.

In all the years that I have to do with Thailand, I have been asked hundreds of times by women to look for a loving man from European countries. I could not comply with this request because I was too busy to relocate my companies from Germany, England, and Spain to Asia. In the meantime, these goals have been implemented and so I have the time to tackle this challenge. The demands of women looking for European men have somewhat increased over the entire period—the reason behind this to explain here would be going too far. If you like to find out more, please contact our team.

What are the advantages by using MyDate services?

16+ years of experience
I can proudly draw on 16+ years of experience with the country, culture, and legislation. Nobody can get this knowledge from one day to the next. I can guarantee you this will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Even married to a Thai woman
Another not less significant advantage is that I am married to a Thai woman, and I am happy to pass on this experience and the resulting recommendations. I learned a lot in the last 16 years about the culture, Obligations within Thai families, bridal gifts and above all the social position as one of the absolutely most important things. Many things you can't believe as a European. I could fill many books if i would write down all my experience.

Language barriers, not with MyDate 
As far as the language barrier is concerned, MyDate can, of course, also help. On the one hand, our chat offers the possibility of large-scale translation of up to 47 languages, of which the Thai language is one. When it becomes more concrete, the MyDate team is also available for personal translations.

Fake or real person?
The question of fake or real person does not arise that we have personal contact with all Thai women in our chat. This results in another advantage that should not be underestimated, and our team can give personal tips if there are difficulties in communication or other discrepancies.

Personal care for the new couple
When visiting Thailand for the first time, the MyDate team will personally take care of the new couple. In order not to let difficulties arise in the first place.

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