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About this website

Who is MyDate for? When should I use MyDate?
MyDate is a chat service for exchanging text messages and photos. To meet the different interests of chat - flirting sites, MyDate offers a variety of chat categories. First of all, there is a "normal" chat to make new friends and make friends. There is an area to find a partner for life. Another category, we call this "virtual pleasure" is aimed at people who are looking for a virtual partner to let sex fantasies run wild. The chat partners in this area are both regular members and also our MyDate models with whom you can chat, flirt, and exchange sexual fantasies without restrictions. MyDate models display highly erotic photos in the profile area. No additional fees are necessary for the pictures themselves. This is all included in the price of the chat messages. The minimum age of 18 is required to use MyDate services. Privacy and data protection are at the top of the list at MyDate and are taken very seriously by the MyDate team.